stupid snake charming


February 2016 (12)Ecclesiastes 10:11-14

11 If the snake bites before being charmed, the charmer loses out on his profit. 12 Words from the mouth of a wise person exude grace, but the lips of a stupid person consume him; 13 he starts out talking stupid, and ends up with wicked insanity. 14 Yet the stupid one multiplies words. No man knows what will happen, so who can tell him what will come after him?

stupid snake charming

Solomon had warned his readers of the danger of getting trapped by the charm of an adulteress,[1] or getting ensnared by an evil time, and dying young.[2] Now, he points out another dangerous trap: the multiplied words of a stupid person who thinks he knows the future. Solomon’s point is that all this talk about what is going to happen is snake charming, and since nobody knows the future, it is easy to fall for it. It would be better for us if the snake would immediately bite. So, Solomon’s warning for the wise is to beware of those who are so confident about the future. There is some stupid snake charming going on.

LORD, give us the wisdom to beware of those who want to charm us into bad decisions.

[1] 7:26.

[2] 9:12.

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