working smarter


February 2016 (11)Ecclesiastes 10:8-10

8 A person digging a pit may end up falling into it, and a snake might bite someone who breaks through a wall. 9 Someone cutting out stones may get hurt by them, and someone splitting logs may be harmed by them. 10 If someone’s axe is blunt and he cannot sharpen it, then he must keep trying harder. Wisdom has the advantage of helping someone succeed.

working smarter

Solomon has established the truth that things do not always work out the way you might expect. Now, he tells us not to throw up our hands and give up, but to keep sharpening our axes, so that we can increase our chances of success at whatever we do. Wisdom is the axe sharpener. It helps a person work smarter, not harder. Stupidity says “I’ll take a shortcut.” Wisdom says “I’ll do it right the first time, so I will not have to do it again, or explain my failure.”

The gospel is wisdom applied to a person’s eternal destiny. There are billions who keep wailing away with blunt axes when it comes to their relationship with God. The harder they try, the worse it gets. They cannot get to God, because he has ordained only one way: Jesus.

LORD, open our eyes, so that we see clearly the wisdom in following Jesus Christ, and how to help others to see that wisdom as well.

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