murphy rules


February 2016 (10)Ecclesiastes 10:4-7

4 If the ruler’s spirit turns against you, do not change your position, because calmness can overcome big mistakes. 5 There is an evil I have seen under the sun, like a mistake made by that ruler — 6 stupidity is set up in many high places while worthy men sit in humble places. 7 I have seen slaves on horses and princes walking like slaves in the land.

murphy rules

I love the honesty that Solomon expresses here. Gone are the bull feather expressions that are so common today, especially among the religious. He does not say that you can count on things working out OK all the time. Instead, he joins hands with Murphy and warns his sons that unfair stuff is going to happen. The ruler is going to get angry at you, so stay put and work it out. Worthy people are going to not get elected, but stupid ones are.

In a world where Murphy rules, you need wisdom and faithfulness. You need to trust God for justice to come eventually, because it is not always going to work out that way in the here and now. You need faith.

LORD, give us the courage to trust you, even when nothing goes right.

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1 Response to murphy rules

  1. Interesting how we are told to keep our position. That’s hard to do in the face of a ruler or the majority not seeing things the same way. Some would argue that I don’t need to worry about that! However I am instructed to keep my position and keep calm 🙂

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