stupid weighs more


February 2016 (9)Ecclesiastes 10:1-3

1 Dead flies make even fragrant oil stink, in the same way, a little stupidity is weightier than wisdom and honour. 2 A wise person’s heart goes this way, but the stupid person’s heart goes that way. 3 Even when the stupid one walks along the road his heart is deficient, and it tells his stupidity to everyone.

stupid weighs more

Solomon learned a lot about stupidity. He saw it as a kind of infestation, that spoils everything it touches. He compared it to the dead flies that get into perfumed oil and turn it into a stinking mess. He said you can tell stupid people by how they walk, always taking the wrong path. And the trouble is, stupidity and wisdom do not balance out. Just a little stupidity weighs more than the same amount of wisdom. Those who aspire to live their lives the right way – the wise way – need to be extra careful that they don’t spoil it all with just one wrong turn, one stupid move.

LORD, make us experts at making wise choices, and at avoiding stupid mistakes.

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