staying diligent


February 2016 (14)Ecclesiastes 10:18-20

18 Going soft makes the roof sag, and due to idle hands the house springs leaks. 19 People make bread for laughing times, and wine to gladden lives, and making money keeps us singing about everything. 20 And another thing: even in your bedroom do not curse a king, and in your sleeping rooms do not curse a prominent man, because a bird from the sky will carry the sound, a winged creature will report the word.

staying diligent

Solomon identifies two symptoms of the same malady here. First, he warns against the tendency to withdraw and give your life over to laziness and idleness. He compares such a life to a house which starts to fall apart due to neglect.

Secondly, he warns against grumbling and complaining about “the king” – because such talk has a way of getting tweeted to the authorities, and no good can come from it.

For the person tempted to give up on working hard, and just party all the time, Solomon has an important thing to say. He tried it, and it is not as satisfying as it seems. Feasting and drinking and laughing and singing have their place, but they are best enjoyed as a result of earning them through diligence and hard work. Sitting on your bottom and blaming the politicians will only get you in trouble. Stay diligent, and you just might succeed.

LORD, forgive us for not staying diligent. Make us people of integrity and discretion.

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