February 2016 (15)Ecclesiastes 11:1-3

1 Send your bread over the surface of the water, because you will find it again in many days. 2 Give a portion to seven, and also to eight, because you do not know what time of distress might happen here on the land. 3 If the clouds get full, they will pour out rain upon the land; and if a tree is going to fall toward the south or toward the north, in the spot where the tree falls, there it is.


I don’t think the Hebrews had the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” but if they did, Solomon would have used it here. The idea is that if you concentrate on only one thing, and you fail at it, you are a total failure. Instead, diversify. Be generous with what you have to as many as possible. Some day you might need one of the friends that you made by helping them out when they have a need now.

Why does Solomon say this? Because things happen which we cannot control. When that tree falls it may fall harmlessly in the woods with no one around to hear it. Or, it may fall on your car. Diversification helps you deal with the accidents that happen, and keep you going strong.

LORD, give us the wisdom to spread ourselves out a little.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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1 Response to diversification

  1. admin says:

    Interesting I always thought this passage referred to stored capital ie don’t have all your assets in the share market or in real estate. I am not sure it refers to how one makes ones bread, just where one stores provisions.

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