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serving the servants

devotional post # 2258 Numbers 3:5-10 Num 3:5 And Yahveh spoke to Moses, and this is what he said, Num 3:6 “Bring the tribe of Levi near, and set them before Aaron the priest, so they may serve him. Num … Continue reading

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a birth announcement

Luke 2:10-11 Luk 2:10 And the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, because notice, I am bringing good news to you of tremendous joy — intended for all the people: Luk 2:11 because today in the city of … Continue reading

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so we can see

Luke 2:15-17 Luk 2:15 And it happened that when the angels had gone away from them into the sky, the shepherds started saying to one another, “Let us pass through Bethlehem now, so we can see this thing that has … Continue reading

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God’s proof for you

Luke 2:8-14 Luk 2:8 And shepherds were living in the same region, staying outside and keeping watch, proctecting their flock at night. Luk 2:9 And an angel from the Lord stood near them, and the impressive appearance of the Lord … Continue reading

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why Joseph went

Luke 2:1-4 Luk 2:1 Those are the days when it happened: a royal command came from Caesar Augustus to register all his economic empire for taxation. Luk 2:2 This registration first happened by order of Quirinius before he was governor … Continue reading

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transformed in a split second

1 Corinthians 15:51-53 1Co 15:51 Notice, I am telling you a mystery. All of us are not going to fall asleep, but all of us will be transformed, 1Co 15:52 in a split second, in a blink of an eye, … Continue reading

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angels and authority

1 Corinthians 11:7-10 1Co 11:7 Because, on the one hand, a husband should not have his head covered, since he is supposed to reflect the character and good reputation of God; on the other hand, his wife reflects her husband’s … Continue reading

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He will be here

Zechariah 14 Sometimes the “day of the LORD” does not refer to Christ’s coming, but some other event.  The phrase could be rendered “when the LORD strikes.”  But this final prophecy of Zechariah can refer to no other time. All … Continue reading

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the gods are mortal

Psalm 82.  Most commentators are quick to put quotation marks around the word gods in this psalm.  They take this as a prophecy against unjust human rulers.  They claim that Jesus implied this in John 10:34-35. But Jesus only claimed … Continue reading

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Exodus: the three-way covenant

Exodus 23:10-23     The covenant the LORD made with the Israelites involved a third party, and that fact determined the nature of the agreement.  The nation knew that their exodus from Egypt was not complete.  God wanted them to not only … Continue reading

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