serving the servants

marmsky January 2018 (11)devotional post # 2258

Numbers 3:5-10

Num 3:5 And Yahveh spoke to Moses, and this is what he said,
Num 3:6 “Bring the tribe of Levi near, and set them before Aaron the priest, so they may serve him.
Num 3:7 They will keep guard over him and over the whole assembly at the conference tent, as they serve at the tabernacle.
Num 3:8 They will guard all the furnishings of the conference tent, and keep guard over the sons of Israel as they serve at the tabernacle.
Num 3:9 And you will give the Levites to Aaron and his sons; they are totally given to him from among the sons of Israel.
Num 3:10 And you will appoint Aaron and his sons, and they will guard their priesthood. But if any outsider comes near, he will be put to death.”

serving the servants

An entire special forces army was dedicated to protecting and serving the servants of Yahveh at the tabernacle. The connection between the holy God and his people was so important that an entire tribe was set apart to insure that the connection remained. God’s holiness is such that it takes a specially appointed high priest to approach him for the people. But the people’s sinfulness is such that they might even dare to approach him apart from his plan, and must be protected from their own pride.

Christ is our great high priest, the substance who cast a shadow onto this Old Testament event. Who then do the Levites represent? The author of Hebrews said of the angels “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?” In God’s economy, an entire army of servants serve and protect his human servants, and defend his holiness.

LORD, thank you for your servants who protect your servants.


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