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the last box checked

20220727 the last box checked Ezekiel 9:9-11 (JDV) Ezekiel 9:9 He said to me, “The violation of the house of Israel and Judah is extremely great; the land is full of bloodshed, and the city entirely warped, because they say, … Continue reading

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your conscience may save your life

20220726 your conscience may save your life Ezekiel 9:3-8 (JDV) Ezekiel 9:3 Then the impressive appearance of the God of Israel rose from above the cherub where it had been, to the threshold of the house. He called to the … Continue reading

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the clipboard

20220725 the clipboard Ezekiel 9:1-2 (JDV) Ezekiel 9:1 Then he called loudly in my hearing, “Come near, executioners of the city, each of you with a destructive weapon in his hand.”Ezekiel 9:2 And I saw six men coming from the … Continue reading

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mark us

Ezekiel 9 The LORD sends seven angels into the temple. Six are to commence the slaughtering of idolaters.  One is to mark the foreheads of those who will be spared.  Just as in the Passover, the mark preserves those who … Continue reading

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