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organized apostasy

Judges 18 This passage continues the depressing story of Micah and the Levite that began in chapter 17.  The reader can see to what extent the Danites were moved by greed and resorted to violence and idolatry to get what … Continue reading

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in retrospect: removing the shame

Deuteronomy 21-22:12 The culture to which these commands was originally given was an oriental, shame-based culture.  The people in these cultures are primarily motivated by shame, experienced by the whole group, and not primarily by individual guilt.  This explains the … Continue reading

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in retrospect: a greater GOD

Deuteronomy 7 A lesser god would have been OK with entering Canaan and becoming part of the pantheon of the peoples. The LORD was not.  He demanded that the Israelites wipe out all the nations of the land.  He would … Continue reading

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devotion and redemption

Leviticus 25    The LORD commanded the Israelites to live under an economic  system that reflected his character as rescuer and redeemer.  Both the land and its occupants were to be geared towards rescue.  The poor were to be progressing toward … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit and spiritual clout

Luke 18:1-30.   How much spiritual maturity does it take to enter the kingdom of God?  Jesus told his disciples not to rebuke the parents who brought even infants to him for his blessing.  He said “to such belongs the kingdom … Continue reading

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fear of the Holy Spirit

Luke 8:22-56.  Each of these stories demonstrates the power and authority of Christ and proves that he is God’s Son. But each also reflects a very human reaction that we often have when the miraculous power of God’s Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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mission: demonstrate true godliness

  1 Timothy 4.  Paul predicts a time in the future (from his standpoint) when the church would experience a departure from true godliness and follow deceitful spirits and teachings of demons (1).  He charged Timothy to “put these things … Continue reading

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when Christ comes, the delusion will end

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12.  Paul warns the Thessalonian believers that they were in danger of being deceived about the second coming of Christ. Someone was teaching that the second coming had already happened.  Paul warned that a strong delusion  was about … Continue reading

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food of the gods

1 Corinthians 8.  The Corinthian Christians had been rescued from a pagan, animistic society that was in deep bondage to the spirits who masqueraded as gods.  Having been set free and knowing the reality of Christ gave them knowledge that … Continue reading

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one way

Romans 9:30-10:21.  God planted a foundation stone dead center in Zion. His name is Jesus.  All the LORD asks of anyone is that he believe in him.  The Gentiles had not pursued righteousness by means of following the Old Testament … Continue reading

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