name of shame

marmsky December 2017 (16)devotional post # 2232

Num 1:26  Of the sons of Judah, referencing their historical lineage, by their clans, by their fathers’ houses, according to the number of names, from twenty years old and upward, every man able to go to war:
Num 1:27  those mustered of the tribe of Judah were 74,600.

name of shame

74,600 sons of Judah followed general Nachshon, whose name “enchanter” seems to have been associated in some way with the magic arts. Perhaps God was getting them ready to see a pure magic from his hand, which would encourage them to stay away from the dark arts for good. Or, maybe his name is a reminder of the influence that Egypt had on the Israelites. God had rescued his people from Egypt, but there was still a memory of Egypt in them, with its emphasis on animistic power. Either way, this name probably brought shame to the Judahites. But, embarrassment over sin is also a good thing.

LORD, when we are tempted to prideful thoughts, remind us of the sins of the past, but keep us from repeating them.

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