given by God

marmsky December 2017 (17)devotional post # 2233

Numbers 1:28-29

Num 1:28  Of the sons of Issachar, referencing their historical lineage, by their clans, by their fathers’ houses, according to the number of names, from twenty years old and upward, every man able to go to war:
Num 1:29  those mustered of the tribe of Issachar were 54,400.

given by God

54,400 men followed General Nethanel, whose name says “given by God.” The Lord wanted those men to trust him to give them what they need, not to just try to take it on their own, or to trust some foreign god for it.

When we look back on the accomplishments of our lives with a clearer perspective, we will see that we actually did not accomplish much. Many of our greatest successes will have been the result of happy coincidences orchestrated by our God of grace. We will also see the positive influence we will have had on others while we were going through our darkest days. Like Issachar’s army, we march to a banner celebrating God’s grace.

LORD, thank you for your grace.


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