song of the coming city

April 2015 (10)Isaiah 26:1-6

1 On that day, this song will be sung in the land of Judah: “There a strong city for us. The Savior[1] will set up walls and a barricade! 2 Open gates and a righteous nation who keeps his truths will enter! 3 You will protect with complete well-being the one who is faithful because he trusts in you. 4 Trust in Yahveh for the future, because in Yah, Yahveh is a rock of ages. 5 Because he has thrown down those residing in the high place, he lays low the superior city. He lays it low to the ground; he throws her to dust. 6 A foot tramples it, poor feet, needy footsteps.”

song of the coming city

The epitome of strength, protection and security in Isaiah’s day was a walled-in fortified city. He encourages his readers to take their eyes off the high, formidable city of their conquering nation, and think about the city that God promises. He has told them truths, and he expects his readers to be faithful to those truths. The payoff for faithfulness is ultimate protection, complete well-being. The literal term is “shalom-shalom.” Many translations render this phrase “perfect peace.” But our minds are too used to thinking of peace as a merely mental attribute. In an age of warfare and conquest, perfect peace can only come with the complete destruction of all enemies, and the protection from harm. This is what Isaiah offers for the faithful. This is what our coming city offers us. While we wait for Jesus to fulfill that promise at his coming, we can know that peace by trusting in him, and being faithful to his words, regardless of what happens today.

LORD, give us the peace only known by those who are faithful to your truths.

[1] Hebrew: Yeshua (Jesus).


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Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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