resting or flailing?

April 2015 (9)Isaiah 25:9-12

9 And one will say, on that day, “See! This God of ours! We have waited for him and he delivered us! This Yahveh; we waited for him! We should be glad, and rejoice in his deliverance.” 10 Because the hand of Yahveh will rest on this mountain, and Moab will be trampled down under him as the trampling down of a bale of straw in a manure pile. 11 And he[1] will spread out his hands in the midst of it, just as the swimmer spreads out to swim, and his pride will be brought low with the flailing of his hands. 12 And he will throw down the fortification of the high point of your walls; he will bring it low; he will cause it to touch to the ground, to the dust.

resting or flailing?

A hermeneutical question presents itself in verse 11, when a pronoun “he” is left for the reader to interpret. Is it God or Moab who is spreading out his hands here? My take on the passage is that God’s hand is resting on Mt. Zion (in verse 10), so it is Moab’s hands which are spreading out, flailing about, because he is being crushed by the LORD in verse 11. The flailing is of no use, however, because Moab cannot keep the LORD from knocking down his walls.

Each generation, new walls go up, and societies pride themselves on the ways they have kept God out. But God is not worried. Those walls are no match to his mighty hand. Let today’s culture flail about, spreading its hands in a futile attempt to stop God from getting through. When the LORD decides to act, he will.

LORD, prove the overwhelming power of your mighty hand today. Destroy the walls that keep our friends and neighbors from you.

[1] Moab.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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