what the wicked do not see

April 2015 (11)Isaiah 26:7-11

7 The road the righteous take is a straight path; a level path for the righteous that you make level. 8 Without doubt we wait for you on the path that you decided for us, Yahveh, because your name and renown are what the soul desires. 9 My soul looks for you during the night, my lungs within me seek you at dawn, because when your judgments come upon the earth, those who live in the world learn about justice. 10 Even if a wicked person is shown compassion, he does not learn righteousness; he acts unjustly in an upright land, and he does not see the majesty of Yahveh. 11 Yahveh, your hand reaches high, but they do not see that. Let them see, and let them be ashamed of your strong desire for people. Indeed, let the fire of your enemies consume them.

what the wicked do not see

All around us today will be glimpses of the beauty and majesty of God. The poor and hurting will be helped by strangers. The hopeless will find hope – maybe just enough to get through a bad day, but enough. Angels will protect the innocent from possible harm. A sunset will inspire a poet or artist.

But millions will only see what they are prepared to see. They will decry the duplicity of a politician, or lambaste the latest criminal or foolish celebrity. They will not see any good things in life, and their predetermined cynicism will be affirmed.

No matter what your attitude, no matter how much of a prophet you think you are, don’t ignore the good in the world that you see. It may be as simple as a good meal, a nice smile, or a kind word. Appreciate it. The world around us is looking for people with the faith to see God at work every day. Be one of those people.

LORD, show us your love and kindness, and help us to enjoy it so much that the cynical world around us notices it too.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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