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welcome us back

welcome us back Lamentations 4:21-22 (JDV) Lamentations 4:21 So rejoice and be glad, Daughter Edom, you resident of the land of Uz! Yet the cup will pass to you as well; you will get drunk and expose yourself. Lamentations 4:22 … Continue reading

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the captured king

the captured king Lamentations 4:18-20 (JDV) Lamentations 4:18 Our steps were closely followed so that we could not walk in our streets. Our end approached; our time ran out. Our end had come! Lamentations 4:19 Those who chased us were … Continue reading

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we watched from our towers

we watched from our towers Lamentations 4:14-17 (JDV) Lamentations 4:14 Blind, they stumbled in the streets, defiled by this blood, so that no one dared to touch their clothes. Lamentations 4:15 “Stay away! Unclean!” people shouted at them. “Away, away! … Continue reading

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they kindled the fire

they kindled the fire Lamentations 4:11-13 (JDV) Lamentations 4:11 Yahveh has exhausted his wrath, poured out his burning anger; he has ignited a fire in Zion, and it has consumed her foundations. Lamentations 4:12 The kings of the land and … Continue reading

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worse than Sodom

worse than Sodom Lamentations 4:6-10 (JDV) Lamentations 4:6 The punishment of my dear people is greater than that of Sodom, who was overthrown in an instant without a hand laid on it. Lamentations 4:7 Her dignitaries were brighter than snow, … Continue reading

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cruel neglect

cruel neglect Lamentations 4:3-5 (JDV) Lamentations 4:3 Even jackals offer their breasts to nurse their young, but my dear people have become cruel like ostriches in the wilderness. Lamentations 4:4 The nursing baby’s tongue clings to the roof of his … Continue reading

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discarded jars

discarded jars Lamentations 4:1-2 (JDV) Lamentations 4:1 How the gold has become tarnished, the fine gold become dull! The stones of the temple lie scattered at the head of every street. Lamentations 4:2 Zion’s precious children – once worth their … Continue reading

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our eyes failed

Lamentations 4 Jeremiah recounts the sorrow and pain of watching the holy city besieged and destroyed.  He and others watched until they could see no longer.  Help did not come.  The leaders were ashamed to be seen, the mothers boiled … Continue reading

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