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broken by our brokenness

broken by our brokenness Jeremiah 8:18-9:2 (JDV) Jeremiah 8:18 My joy has flown away; grief has settled on me. My heart is sick. Jeremiah 8:19 Notice, listen – the cry of my dear people from a faraway land, “Is Yahveh … Continue reading

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battle horse

battle horse Jeremiah 8:4-17 (JDV) Jeremiah 8:4 “You are to say to them: This is what Yahveh says: Do people fall and not get up again? If they turn away, do they not turn back? Jeremiah 8:5 Why have these … Continue reading

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band-aids on broken arms

Jeremiah 8:4-9:22   Even when the officials of the people understood that they were doomed and dying, they simply tried to calm everyone down with false assurances of peace.  But Jeremiah knew that there was no peace.  The people tried … Continue reading

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remember Shiloh

Jeremiah 7-8:3 Jeremiah is told to stand at the gate of the temple and warn the people that they are trusting in a place rather than the LORD himself.  Even if it is – or was – the LORD’s chosen … Continue reading

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