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wrong turn

devotional post # 2117 Hosea 7:14-16 Hos 7:14 They do not cry out to me from the heart, but they wail upon their couches; for grain and wine they make themselves foreigners; they rebel against me. Hos 7:15 Although I … Continue reading

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united we fall

devotional post # 2116 Hosea 7:11-13 Hos 7:11 Ephraim has become like a dove, naive and without sense, calling to Egypt, going to Assyria. Hos 7:12 While they are going, I will spread over them my net; I will bring … Continue reading

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denying the mirror image

devotional post # 2115 Hosea 7:8-10 Hos 7:8 Ephraim mixes himself with the peoples; Ephraim is a half-baked cake. Hos 7:9 Foreigners devour his strength, and he does not get it; gray hairs are sprouting on him, and he does … Continue reading

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hot hearts

devotional post # 2114 Hosea 7:4-11 Hos 7:4 They are all cheaters; they are like a heated oven whose baker can stop stirring the fire, from the kneading of the dough until it is leavened. Hos 7:5 On the day … Continue reading

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today’s entertainment

devotional post # 2113 Hosea 7:1-3 Hos 7:1 I just start to heal Israel, and the crookedness of Ephraim is revealed, and the crimes of Samaria; because they deal falsely; the thief breaks in indoors, and the bandits raid outdoors. … Continue reading

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gray hairs

Hosea 6-7 Ephraim is described as “gray hairs are sprinkled upon him, and he knows it not.”   He has lost the strength of his youth, but does not yet realize it.  It is very easy to let one’s spiritual life … Continue reading

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