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marmsky devotions pics (of Hamilton NZ) August 2017 (19)

devotional post # 2113

Hosea 7:1-3

Hos 7:1 I just start to heal Israel, and the crookedness of Ephraim is revealed, and the crimes of Samaria; because they deal falsely; the thief breaks in indoors, and the bandits raid outdoors.
Hos 7:2 But they do not even think that I remember all their evil. Now their crimes surround them; they happen right in my presence.
Hos 7:3 By their evil they amuse the king, and the princes by their lies.

today’s entertainment

God’s complaint is that his people are so full of wrongdoing that he is too busy punishing them for their crimes to bring about revival among them. The lying and stealing and murdering is happening everywhere. The kings and princes entertain themselves by talking about the day’s crimes.

LORD, we need you to break the cycle. We need holiness and righteousness to return to those nations which have lost it.

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