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acceptance and joy

KEY TO HAPPINESS Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 18 Take note of this! I have discovered that the proper and appropriate way to live is to eat and drink, and find enjoyment in all your work under the sun. A person only has … Continue reading

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bad break

THOSE WHO HAVE LOST ALL HOPE Ecclesiastes 5:13-17 13 I have noticed such a terribly wrong thing under the sun: treasures were being hoarded by their owner — even though it hurt him to do so, 14 then those treasures … Continue reading

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money misery

LOVE IT, AND WATCH IT GO AWAY Ecclesiastes 5:10-12 10 Someone who loves money will never be satisfied with the money he has, nor someone who loves wealth with his current income. This fact testifies to the impermanence of money. … Continue reading

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SOMEONE IS WATCHING Ecclesiastes 5:8-9 8 If you are overseeing a province and you catch someone oppressing its poor people, and doing unjust and unrighteous things, do not be surprised that it happened. Because the overseer is being watched by … Continue reading

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not number one

WHOSE REPUTATION MATTERS MOST? Ecclesiastes 5:4-7 4 If you actually promise something to God, do not wait to make good your promise, because he is not pleased by such foolishness. Pay what you promise. 5 In fact, it would be … Continue reading

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showing off in church

WHOSE GLORY ARE YOU SEEKING? Ecclesiastes 5:1-3 1 Watch how you walk when you go to the house of God. Drawing near for the purpose of listening is better than merely offer gifts like fools, because they do not even … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 If we were to stop and reflect on all the tragedies of life, and how unfair it can be – despair would overtake us.  But the LORD has provided us with a gift that helps us to stay … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastes 5:8-17 The Preacher knew both money and power, so believe him when he says that money is a terrible master.  It causes much vexation and sickness and anger.  It robs a person of sleep, and produces nothing real in … Continue reading

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prideful promises

Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 Regular worship does not automatically protect a person from evil and sin.  In fact, it is in the context of worship that a person is tempted to do a foolish, evil thing.  As we approach God, the temptation … Continue reading

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