bad break


January 2016 (16)Ecclesiastes 5:13-17

13 I have noticed such a terribly wrong thing under the sun: treasures were being hoarded by their owner — even though it hurt him to do so, 14 then those treasures were lost in a bad investment. And he had a son to look after, but he had nothing in his hand to pass on to him. 15 Just like he came from his mother’s uterus he shall go away, naked as he came, and he will take nothing for all his work with him. 16 This shows a terrible wrong: just like he came, so he will go, and what did he get for working for wind? 17 Furthermore, he spends those work days eating in the dark, aggravated, sick and angry.

bad break

Solomon is talking about those who once had means to provide for their own and lost it. Just one bad break, and they are left working hard for nothing, “eating in the dark, aggravated, sick and angry.” Solomon saw this as a terrible wrong because he had lived his life with ever-expanding ambition and expectation. He looked at lives spent with no hope of progress and was perplexed.

There are many all around us who have had the bad break. They have no hope anymore. They need to know the new life that Jesus can bring. They need hope again.

LORD, show us how to reach those who have lost everything, and give them something they cannot lose.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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