who once spread terror


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who once spread terror

Ezekiel 32:22-23 (JDV)

Ezekiel 32:22 “Assyria is there with her whole mob; her graves are all around her. All of them are murdered ones, fallen by the sword.
Ezekiel 32:23 Her graves are set in the deepest regions of the Pit, and her mob is all around her burial place. All of them are murdered ones, fallen by the sword – those who once spread terror in the land of the living.

who once spread terror

We have a picture in our minds of a terrorist — someone whose goal is to disrupt civilization with crimes and acts of cruelty. In Ezekiel’s time, the Assyrians were the terrorists. But no more. They had been wiped out, and now Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian empire was in control. Ezekiel depicts the change by describing a huge graveyard, and all the dead were there. Those who once spread terror are now silenced by death.

Someday, all who terrorize will share the same destiny.

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