who is the fairest?


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who is the fairest?

Ezekiel 32:17-21 (JDV)

Ezekiel 32:17 In the twelfth year, on the fifteenth day of the month, the word of Yahveh happened to me. This is what it said:
Ezekiel 32:18 “Son of Adam, wail over the processions of Egypt and bring Egypt and the daughters of mighty nations down to below the ground, to be with those who descend to the Pit:
Ezekiel 32:19 Who do you surpass in loveliness? Go down and be laid to rest with the uncircumcised!
Ezekiel 32:20 They will fall among those murdered ones by the sword. A sword is appointed! They drag her and all her processions away.
Ezekiel 32:21 Warrior leaders will speak from the middle of Sheol about him and his allies: ‘They have come down; the uncircumcised lie murdered by the sword.’

who is the fairest?

Egypt and other mighty nations are having a beauty contest, and all the while the LORD says they are being dragged down to the grave (Sheol) to join the warrior leaders who died before them. Such is the fate of all. What matters is our relationship with God on judgment day. How beautiful or strong you were in this life will not matter then.

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