it is coming, and he will do it


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it is coming, and he will do it

Ezekiel 24:6-14 (JDV)

Ezekiel 24:6 ” ‘Therefore, this is what the Lord Yahveh says: Tragedy to the city of bloodshed, the pot that has rust inside it, and its rust has not come out of it! Empty it piece by piece; lots should not be cast for its contents.
Ezekiel 24:7 For the blood she shed is still within her. She put it out on the bare rock; she didn’t pour it on the ground to cover it with dust.
Ezekiel 24:8 In order to stir up wrath and take vengeance, I have put her blood on the bare rock, so that it would not be covered.
Ezekiel 24:9 ” ‘Therefore, this is what the Lord Yahveh says: Tragedy to the city of bloodshed! I myself will make the pile of kindling large.
Ezekiel 24:10 Pile on the logs and kindle the fire! Cook the meat well and mix in the spices! Let the bones be burned!
Ezekiel 24:11 Set the empty pot on its coals so that it becomes hot and its copper glows. Then its impurity will melt inside it; its rust will be consumed.
Ezekiel 24:12 It has frustrated every effort; its thick rust will not come off. Into the fire with its rust!
Ezekiel 24:13 Because of the infamy of your uncleanness – since I tried to purify you, but you would not be purified from your uncleanness– you will not be pure again until I have satisfied my wrath on you.
Ezekiel 24:14 I, Yahveh, have spoken. It is coming, and I will do it! I will not refrain, I will not look compassionately, and I will not relent. I will judge you according to your ways and deeds. This is the declaration of the Lord Yahveh.'”

it is coming, and he will do it

Kelly* describes the first major part of Ezekiel this way:

“The structure of the book is evident. The first half consists of prophecies in strict chronological order before the final destruction of Jerusalem, when Zedekiah brought on himself the just punishment of his rebellion and perjury. ( Chaps. i -xxiv.) .”

We are nearing the end of this first part. It makes sense that we would hear from the LORD here his assurance that “It is coming, and I will do it!” (14). History records that he did just that.

For a very long time now, we have been proclaiming the literal, visible glorious return of our Savior to judge and renew this planet. Just as there were many who were convinced that Ezekiel’s prediction of the destruction of Jerusalem would not happen, so many today are convinced that Christ’s second coming is folklore. It is not. It is coming, and he will do it.

LORD, give us the wisdom to prepare for your coming in the clouds.


  • *Kelly, William. Notes on Ezekiel. (London: G. Morrish, 1876), p.5.

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