today’s direction


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today’s direction

Ezekiel 24:1-5 (JDV)

Ezekiel 24:1 The word of Yahveh happened to me in the ninth year, in the tenth month, on the tenth day of the month. This is what it said:
Ezekiel 24:2 “Son of Adam, write down today’s date, this very day. The king of Babylon has laid siege to Jerusalem this very day.
Ezekiel 24:3 Now speak a parable to the rebellious house. Tell them, ‘This is what the Lord Yahveh says: Put the pot on the fire – put it on, and then pour water into it!
Ezekiel 24:4 Place the pieces of meat in it, every good piece – thigh and shoulder. Fill it with the best bones.
Ezekiel 24:5 Take the best of the flock and also pile up the fuel under it. Bring it to a boil and cook the bones in it.

today’s direction

The unacceptable had happened. When the city was under attack, God was not there to rescue them, because he was the force behind the attack.

Each day we are walking toward a day like that, or away from it. Each day matters. What will we do today that turns us in the right direction?

LORD, help us to turn from sin and toward you. May our lives be consistently faithful to you.

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