tolerating the small things


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tolerating the small things

Ezekiel 18:14-18 (JDV)

Ezekiel 18:14 “Now notice he has a son who sees all the failures his father has committed, and though he sees them, he does not do likewise.
Ezekiel 18:15 He does not eat at the mountain shrines or look to the idols of the house of Israel. He does not defile his neighbor’s wife.
Ezekiel 18:16 He doesn’t oppress anyone, hold collateral, or commit robbery. He gives his bread to the hungry and covers the naked with clothing.
Ezekiel 18:17 He keeps his hand from harming the poor, not taking interest or profit on a loan. He practices my rules and follows my prescriptions. Such a person will not die for his father’s violation. He will certainly live.
Ezekiel 18:18 “As for his father, notice he will die for his own violation because he practiced fraud, robbed his brother, and did among his people what was not good.

tolerating the small things

I want to focus on just one sin of the many mentioned in today’s text. It may have seemed like a small thing, but Ezekiel called it a violation if someone ate at a mountain shrine. These were places set apart for pagan worship. It was probably something lots of peoiple did in secret because they were interested in how the pagans did things.

There are some small things that our generation indulges itself in, and those small things are killing us.

LORD, purify us before our toleration of the “small things” brings about our destruction.

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