a prayer for divine intervention

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a prayer for divine intervention

Psalm 80:1-7 (JDV)

Psalm 80:1 Listen, Shepherd of Israel, who leads Joseph like a flock; you who sit enthroned between the cherubs, shine
Psalm 80:2 on the face of Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh. Rally your power and walk up to deliver us.
Psalm 80:3 Restore us, God; make your face shine on us, so that we may be rescued.
Psalm 80:4 Yahveh, God of Armies, how long will you be angry at your people’s prayers?
Psalm 80:5 You fed them the bread of tears and gave them a third measure of tears to drink.
Psalm 80:6 You put us at odds with our neighbors; our enemies insult us.
Psalm 80:7 Restore us, God of Armies; make your face shine on us, so that we can be rescued.

a prayer for divine intervention

Restore us, God! That is the prayer of a man who prays, yet feels that his and all his nation’s prayers are being met by anger from their God. It is a prayer for God to change that. He depends on his God to restore his people so that their neighbors and enemies would not keep controlling and persecuting them.

LORD, restore us. We need your divine intervention.

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