for his name’s sake

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for his name’s sake

Psalm 79:1-13 (JDV)

Psalm 79:1 God, the nations have invaded your inheritance, defiled your sacred temple, and turned Jerusalem into ruins.
Psalm 79:2 They gave the corpses of your servants to the birds of the sky for food, the flesh of your covenant devotees to the animals of the land.
Psalm 79:3 They poured out their blood like water all around Jerusalem, and there was no one to bury them.
Psalm 79:4 We are an object of disgrace to our neighbors, a source of mockery and ridicule to those around us.
Psalm 79:5 How long, Yahveh? Will you be angry perpetually? Will your jealousy keep burning like fire?
Psalm 79:6 Pour out your wrath on the nations that don’t acknowledge you, on the kingdoms that don’t call on your name,
Psalm 79:7 because they have devoured Jacob and made his homeland open countryed.
Psalm 79:8 Do not hold past iniquities against us; let your compassion come to us quickly, because we have become very weak.
Psalm 79:9 God of our deliverance, help us – for the mention of your glorious name. Rescue us and atone for our failures, for your name’s sake.
Psalm 79:10 Why should the nations ask, “Where is their God?” In front of our eyes, let vengeance for the shed blood of your servants be recognized among the nations.
Psalm 79:11 Let the groans of the prisoners reach you; by to your great power, preserve those condemned to die.
Psalm 79:12 Pay back seven-fold to our neighbors the abuse they have hurled at you, Lord.
Psalm 79:13 Then we, your people, the sheep of your pasture, will thank you permanently; we will report your praise to generation after generation.

for his name’s sake

God has a purpose, and that we are not the center of that purpose. We are to come to God in prayer whenever there is a disconnect between what is happening in our world, and what God wants to happen.

Asaph knew that God was allowing all the tragedy that was happening in his day. But he also knew that could not allow it to continue, because it was harming his reputation. He called on God to act for his name’s sake. We can do the same.

LORD, rescue us and atone for our failures, for your name’s sake.

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