standing up against sin

Joshua - 1

standing up against sin

Joshua 7:10-11 (JDV)

Joshua 7:10 Yahveh then said to Joshua, “Stand up! Why have you fallen facedown?
Joshua 7:11 Israel has failed. They have violated my covenant that I appointed for them. They have taken some of what was set apart. They have stolen, deceived, and put those things with their own belongings.

standing up against sin

God told Joshua to stand up because it was time to be a leader, not a complainer. It was time to obey God, not use him as an excuse. A failure has happened. But adding failure to failure is not the right solution to the problem.

My friends, we have to stop the cycle of failure leading to depression, leading to more failure. It is time to stand up and lead God’s people back to him.

Lord, wake us up to our sin cycle, and show us how to stand up and fight back.

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