make honor his praise

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make honor his praise

Psalm 66:1-2 (JDV)

Psalm 66:1 Let the whole land shout joyfully to God!
Psalm 66:2 Sing about the honor due his name; make honor his praise.

make honor his praise

The land here in this psalm is not the planet, it is the land of Israel. They were supposed to be an entire nation that gave honor to the God who made them, and sustains them. All their greatness was to reflect on God’s honor, and draw other nations to him.

Thus, this is a missions song, a psalm about the purpose of God’s people in spreading his glory. The peoples of other nations (8) are invited to come and see what he is doing in Israel (5) and bless Israel’s God (8).

Personal worship of God is also essential to that mission (13-20). The nations need to know that this Israelite honors God because God has done something for him (16). God has listened to his prayer and praise.

Under the covenant with Christ, all believers have this mission — to honor God with our lives, our worship, and our testimony.

Lord, accept our praise and may our lives bring honor to your name.


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