many generations

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many generations

Psalm 61:5-8 (JDV)

Psalm 61:5 God, you have heard my vows; you have given a heritage to those who fear your name.
Psalm 61:6 Add days to the king’s life; may his years span many generations.
Psalm 61:7 May he sit enthroned before God permanently. Appoint covenant faithfulness and truth to guard him.
Psalm 61:8 Then I will continually sing of your name, fulfilling my vows day by day.

many generations

I often wonder about my brother Gary, who died when he was 16 of a motorcycle accident.  It could have been me. Instead, I have enjoyed a long life, comparatively. But I am not ready for bedtime yet. Like David, I ask the Lord for along life. I want my years to span many generations. I look in the eyes of my newest granddaughter, and I look forward to dancing at her wedding. Life is good, and long life is better.

I know life is not permanent … at least not yet. But a long life lived devoted to God and enjoying his blessings is a hint of the future restoration. That is a good thing.

Lord, thank you for life. Give us more!

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