I feel this, I know that

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I feel this, I know that

Psalm 53:4-5 (JDV)

Psalm 53:4 Will evildoers never understand? They devour my people like they devour bread; they do not call on God.
Psalm 53:5 So they will be filled with dread – dread like no other – because God will scatter the bones of those who besiege you. You will put them to shame, because God has rejected them.

I feel this, I know that

Notice how the psalmist reflects on his own feelings while talking about the fate of his oppressors.

  • Instead of complaining about what is happening to him, as if he does not understand what is going on, the author of this psalm says that his persecutors fail to understand.
  • He feels like his nation is being eaten up by evil nations around him, but he knows that his oppressors themselves are going to be filled — not to satisfaction — but with dread.
  • He feels the shame of being lowered to the level of the marginalized. It feels like God has rejected his people. But he knows that this oppressing nation will soon be put to shame when God acts in defense against them.

Lord, give us the awareness and understanding to know that our suffering and disappointment is only temporary. You will rescue us, and put your enemies to shame.

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