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Psalm 53:2-3 (JDV)

Psalm 53:2 God looks down from the sky on the human race to see if there is anyone who is wise, anyone who seeks God.
Psalm 53:3 Everyone has turned away; all alike have become corrupt. There is no one who does good, not even one.

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This sounds very pessimistic, doesn’t it? But the point of the psalm is that God is going to change things. He is going to intervene in human history and judge and destroy all those who do not conform to his holiness. So, this terrible age — like the one in which the psalmist lived — is but a blip on the radar screen of history. Even if terrible things are happening now, don’t despair. Pray for the coming of our Lord. He is the one who can and will make things right.

Lord, we know you are going to condemn those who insist on ignoring your presence and your ways. Redeem us from that terrible fate! Change us now Lord, before that great and terrible day.

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