reacting to betrayal

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reacting to betrayal

Psalm 52:1-4 (JDV)

Psalm 52:1 Why brag about evil, you hero! God’s covenant faithfulness is constant.
Psalm 52:2 Like a sharpened razor, your tongue creates destruction, producing betrayal.
Psalm 52:3 You love evil instead of good, lying instead of speaking truthfully. Selah
Psalm 52:4 You love any words that destroy, you traitorous tongue!

reacting to betrayal

What do you do when someone betray’s you? David was betrayed by Doeg the Edomite. He wrote this song to him. But it was more than just venting at his enemy. It was a declaration of trust in God, and that he would praise God for taking care of the problems that Doeg caused.

We have a choice when someone wrongs us. We can become bitter, or we can trust God to bring about justice, and prepare to praise him for his divine oversight.

Lord, teach us to react with faith when others do us wrong.

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