protecting the right to reproduce

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protecting the right to reproduce

Deuteronomy 25:11-12 (JDV)

Deuteronomy 25:11 “If two men are fighting with each other, and the wife of one steps in to rescue her husband from the one striking him, and she puts out her hand and holds his genitals strongly,
Deuteronomy 25:12 you are to cut off her hand. Do not show pity.

protecting the right to reproduce

I don’t recall ever getting a lesson about this when I was a child in Sunday School. It’s one of those “mature audiences” texts. It seems rather extreme, but it is perfectly understandable from its Mosaic covenant context. In trying to protect her husband, this wife is actually doing something that might prevent her husband’s opponent from having children. Raising families was an essential part of the covenant under Moses.

The covenant under Christ is all about making disciples for him. We should be very serious about making choices that prevent our fellow believers from evangelizing. Those choices include our passive acceptance of cultural norms that discourage discussion of religion. It is a shame that in so many nations where we claim to have religious freedom, we tiptoe around other people, and stay away from sharing the riches of the gospel with those who need it.

Lord, make us people who courageously defend everyone’s right to lead others to Christ.

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