arrogant evil

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arrogant evil

Deuteronomy 17:12-13 (JDV)

Deuteronomy 17:12 The person who acts arrogantly, refusing to listen either to the priest who stands there assisting Yahveh your God or to the judge, must die. You must purge the evil from Israel.
Deuteronomy 17:13 Then all the people will hear about it, be afraid, and no longer behave arrogantly.

arrogant evil

There is ignorant evil, and then there is arrogant evil. Ignorant evil can be reformed and changed. Arrogant evil is an affront both to God and the congregation. Moses is describing a rebel who is an arrogant person flatly refusing to conform to God’s will — but insisting on making the community change for him. Such people had no regard for God or the priests and judges who represented God and served his people. They were guilty of treason.

Christian, are there things that you are doing which you insist on continuing to do, even though you know they are not right? That is also an example of arrogant evil. It has to go, or you will!

Lord, forgive us of our sins we are committing in ignorance, and convict us of those we commit on purpose!

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