the fate of the invader

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Joel 2:20 (JDV)

Joel 2:20 I will drive the northern invader far from you and banish him to a dry and open land, his front ranks into the Dead Sea, and his rear guard into the Mediterranean Sea. His stink will rise; yes, his rotten smell will rise, because he has done “great” things.

the fate of the invader

Before the invaders come, our God has already promised to remove them. The prophet had the unwanted job of telling his nation that they would experience humiliating defeat at the hands of invaders who think they are doing great things. Joel explains that this horrible fate will come upon his people not because of the true greatness of their enemies, but because it is God’s plan. Once God is through with these Gentile invaders they will be forced out of the beautiful land. They will be driven to the dry and open land, and there they will rot, their stink rising to the sky.

If you are facing a tragedy in your life today, or a situation that humiliates you and makes you feel small in comparison to others, remember what the prophet promises here. What you are experiencing is somehow part of God’s plan, but he has not forgotten you. As soon as he is finished with this invading army, he knows how to dispose of them. He has no place in his eternity for them.

Lord, give us strong hearts to trust you as the invading armies circle – to know that our humiliation is not permanent.

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