while we watch

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Joel 2:18-19 (JDV)

Joel 2:18 Then Yahveh began to fight for1 his land and spared his people.

Joel 2:19 Yahveh answered his people: Watch,2 I am about to send you grain, new wine, and fresh oil. You will be satiated with them, and I will no longer make you a disgrace among the nations.

while we watch

Joel predicted a restoration for his nation from its physical plight due to the ravaging of the present locust invasions and the future invading armies. He challenges the nation to watch for this to happen. But first, the revival he called for must happen, and Joel actually explains the circumstances of that revival in 2:28-32. The spiritual revival with its accompanying miracles and empowerment of the nation will occur first. The “After this” of 2:28 actually means “after this point of time.” It signals the first prediction which will be fulfilled, not the second.

Our Lord is indeed fighting for his land, and he will give the nation independence from Gentile domination and restore their grain, new wine and fresh oil. But the escape goes deeper than that. Before the physical restoration there will be a spiritual revival taking place in Jerusalem itself.

God is fighting for us on several fronts. While we are watching for the LORD to improve our physical plight, we should not neglect seeking spiritual renewal.



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