from locusts to lions

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Joel 1:5-6 (JDV)

Joel 1:5 Wake up, you drunkards, and weep; yell,1 all you wine drinkers, over the sweet wine, because it has been cut off from your mouth.

Joel 1:6 You see, a nation has invaded my land, powerful and numberless; its teeth are the teeth of a lion, and it has the jaws of a lioness.

from locusts to lions

If we only knew what the future might hold, we would shake ourselve free of our lethargy and self-centeredness. Joel spoke to a nation which had not considered the possibility of being conquered. The locusts were only the beginning, lions were coming. But Judah was not ready. The people had considered themselves invasion proof. Perhaps they thought God would protect them.

Notice that Joel uses the past tense here. He speaks of the wine as alraeady having been cut off, and the nation has already invaded. God has already experienced their future, and he sends his prophet to warn them. The scriptures can be that for us. They can warn us of things that will happen, or things that might. But it is up to us to wake up and get prepared.

There are some disasters we cannot avoid, but we can be prepared.


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