remembering the price of sin

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Psalm 38:1-2

Psalm 38:11 Yahveh, do not punish me in your anger or discipline me in your wrath

Psalm 38:2 because your arrows have sunk into me, and your hand has pressed down on me.

remembering the price of sin

The psalmist focuses on life at its lowest here. Everything is going wrong. He is a believer in God, but he has sinned, and feels God’s hand of punishment. His body is sick and sore and almost sightless. His enemies are seeking to take advantage of his condition to eliminate him altogether. He feels so ashamed, it is hard to speak. But he must speak, at least to God. He confesses (18).

This psalm contains the note “for remembrance.” One would think that the ordeal it describes is something one would want to forget, not remember. But may that never happen! May we never forget the terrible price of sin. Sin destroys. In the future, sin will destroy the reprobate in hell, and it destroys lives of those who cling to it presently. We need to remember that.

Lord, remind us of the terrible price we pay when we choose to disobey you.


1superscription: A psalm of David for remembrance.

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