my relative is almighty

marmsky January 2018 (6)devotional post # 2253

Numbers 2:25-26

Num 2:25 “On the north side will be the standard of the camp of Dan by their companies, the general from the sons of Dan being Achiezer the son of Ammishaddai,
Num 2:26 his company as mustered being 62,700.

my relative is almighty

General Achiezer’s father was Ammishaddai, whose name means “my relative is almighty.” That was a hopeful name to give to a slave child. It reflected a faith in a God who raises up strong deliverers from among his people. No matter what dangers his army might face as they travel, Achiezer believed in a God who supplied all their needs — including the need for a helping hand in battle.

What are your needs today? Do you know that God not only has the cattle on a thousand hills, he also has a given you a brother or sister who is strong enough to help you right now. Look for evidence of God’s power among your own brothers and sisters in Christ.

LORD, open our eyes to your power manifested among us.

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