my almighty rock

marmsky January 2018 (1)devotional post # 2248

Numbers 2:12-13

Num 2:12  And those to camp next to him will be the tribe of Simeon, the general from the sons of Simeon being Shelumiel the son of Tsurishaddai,
Num 2:13  his company as mustered being 59,300.

my almighty rock

General Shelumiel led the army of the tribe of Simeon. His father’s name was Tsurishaddai, which means “my almighty rock.” The name combines two personal names of God: tsur, meaning rock, and implying refuge and safe retreat, and shaddai, meaning almighty, and implying terrifying, destroying power.

Exposed in the desert, far from any fort or fortress, the people of God depended on his power for safety and deliverance. This year we will be exposed to numerous threats and dangers. We need to seek his protection and deliverance.

LORD, you are our Rock, our refuge of safety. You are our powerful deliverer. We depend on you.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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