marmsky December 2017 (31)devotional post # 2247

Numbers 2:10-11

Num 2:10  “On the south side will be the standard of the camp of Reuben by their companies, the general from the sons of Reuben being Elitsur the son of Shedeur,
Num 2:11  his company as mustered being 46,500.


Delitzsch hypothesized that the name Shedeur is like the Assyrian phrase sad uri, and means daybreak. If that is a correct understanding of the meaning, it is quite significant that General Elitsur’s father would have that name. Daybreak is the dawn of a new day. For the Reubenites, who lost the position of prominence because of their ancestor’s sin, a new day is just what they longed for. When the tribes are first listed in chapter 1, Reuben is listed first because he was the firstborn. But when the armies are mustered in chapter 2, Reuben is placed on the south side, not the most important east side. The entire tribe felt the shame of that demotion. Yet, there was hope. A new day was dawning: a chance to prove their loyalty and devotion to God.

A new year begins tomorrow. A new day was dawning: a chance for us to prove our loyalty and devotion to God.

LORD, thank you for your mercy, in giving us another chance today when we have failed you so many times.

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