turning the table

marmsky December 2017 (4)devotional post # 2220

2 Corinthians 13:5-7

2Co 13:5 Test yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Evaluate yourselves. Or do you not understand this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?– unless you actually are unqualified!
2Co 13:6 I hope you will discover that we are not unqualified.
2Co 13:7 But we are praying to God that you may not keep doing us wrong– not that we may appear to be qualified, but that you may keep doing what is right, even if it means our disqualification.

turning the table

The Corinthians’ rejection of Paul’s missionary team was a wrong, and Paul wanted to right that wrong. But his motivation for correcting that wrong had nothing to do with the team’s reputation. The team had proclaimed the gospel to Corinth. It was the gospel which was at stake. They wanted the gospel message to take root and thrive in Corinth, even if it meant their being disqualified to minister there from now on.

To that end, Paul urges the Corinthian believers to test themselves, to evaluate and document (dokimazo) their actual standing in the faith. He hopes that they will see that their following these new leaders has led them down the wrong path, and that they need to repent.

The Corinthians were being taught that they should put the missionaries to the test. Paul turns the table. He urges them to put themselves to the test. He is confident that if they merely take a look at what God had done in Corinth in the past (under the leadership of Paul’s team) then they will see that the promises of these new super-missionaries (huperlian apostolon 12:11) are empty.

LORD, give us the wisdom to see when we are falsely judging those who minister to us.

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