prophecy for hire


devotional post # 2136

Hosea 12:10-13

Hos 12:10 I spoke onto the prophets; it was I who made many visions, and gave parables at the hand of prophets.
Hos 12:11 Because there is iniquity in Gilead, they will surely come to nothing: they sacrifice bulls in Gilgal; their altars also are like piles of stone on the furrows of the field.
Hos 12:12 Jacob escaped to the land of Aram; there Israel served to get a wife, and to get a wife he guarded sheep.
Hos 12:13 By a prophet Yahveh took Israel up from Egypt, and by a prophet he was watched over.

prophecy for hire

The Israelites could boast in Hosea’s time that they had many prophets who told them what they wanted to hear. Those prophets prophesied for hire, just like Jacob had served Laban to get a wife. But The LORD reminded the Israelites that he is the real power behind prophetic visions and parables. It is his voice they should listen to, and it is the LORD that watches over them.

LORD, we do not trust in the number of prophets among us; we trust in the Holy Spirit within us, and seek your pure word given in scripture.


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