whirling sword


devotional post # 2132

Hosea 11:5-7

Hos 11:5 They will not return to the land of Egypt, but Assyria will be their king, because they have refused to return to me.
Hos 11:6 The sword will whirl in their cities, eat up the bars of their gates, and consume them because of their own counsels.
Hos 11:7 My people insist on turning away from me, and even if they call out to the Most High, he will not raise them up at all.

whirling sword

Hosea pictures the sword of war and execution being used so much that it seems to whirl about and consume everything in its path. This is the fate of a people who had all the blessings of God but chose to be like everybody else and worship other gods.

LORD, if it is not too late, bring us back to yourself. We want to be yours alone.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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