rich man, poor man

marmsky devotions pics November 2016 (23)


Leviticus 27:26-29

Lev 27:26 “But a firstborn of animals, which as a firstborn belongs to Yahveh, no man may dedicate; whether ox or sheep, it is Yahveh’s.
Lev 27:27 And if it is an contaminated animal, then he will buy it back at the valuation, and add a fifth to it; or, if it is not redeemed, it will be sold at the valuation.
Lev 27:28 “But no devoted thing that a man devotes to Yahveh, of anything that he has, whether human or beast, or of his inherited field, will be sold or redeemed; every devoted thing is most holy to Yahveh.
Lev 27:29 No one devoted, who is to be devoted for destruction from humanity, will be ransomed; he will surely be put to death.

rich man, poor man

The rich might be tempted to buy back someone condemned to death, either for profit, or to gain a slave. The LORD would not allow it. Criminals must receive their just punishment, regardless of how rich or influential they are. The covenant was designed to protect the people from themselves.

LORD, you have called us to seek justice. Help us to bring justice to the poor, and not be influenced by someone else’s riches.

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