giving back

marmsky devotions pics November 2016 (22)

Leviticus 27:22-25

Lev 27:22 If he dedicates to Yahveh a field that he has bought, which is not a part of his possession,
Lev 27:23 then the priest will figure out the amount of the valuation for it up to the year of liberation, and the man will give the valuation on that day as a holy gift to Yahveh.
Lev 27:24 In the year of liberation the field will return to him from whom it was bought, to whom the land belongs as a possession.
Lev 27:25 Every valuation will be according to the shekel of the sanctuary: twenty gerahs will make a shekel.

giving back

Land purchased and used could be dedicated to the LORD, but land that had been owned by someone else could only be given until the jubilee. Then the land ownership would revert back to its original owner. Even God would not keep it, because the gift was not about enriching God. It was about the giver worshipping him with his gift. When Christians give to their church, those gifts go back to the original owner as well. Everything we own belongs to God, so when we give to the church’s ministry, we are actually giving back what we have been blessed with.

LORD, bless the gifts we receive, and the ones we give back.


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Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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