something wrong with normal

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Leviticus 15:31-33

Lev 15:31 “Thus you will keep the people of Israel separate from their contamination, or else they die in their contamination by contaminating my tabernacle that is in their midst.”
Lev 15:32 This is the law for him who has a discharge and for him who has an emission of semen, becoming contaminated thereby;
Lev 15:33 also for her who is unwell with her menstrual impurity, that is, for anyone, male or female, who has a discharge, and for the man who lies with a woman who is contaminated.

something wrong with normal

As I mentioned yesterday, the discharge rituals reminded the community of Israel that there was something wrong with normal. In the normal run of life there would come times when the men and women would become contaminated. When that happened, the rest in the community had to be separated from them, so that the whole community did not become contaminated. These discharges symbolised the process of reproduction itself, and drew attention to the fact that human life has a beginning and an end.

Meanwhile, the tabernacle stands in the midst of that community. God’s presence is among them. The tabernacle is to be protected from this “normal.” There can be no “normal” death there. The only death allowed at the tabernacle is sacrifice. Because when the Holy One would dwell among us, his death would not be “normal.” His death would reverse the curse that caused “normal.”

LORD, thank you for the hope of resurrection unto immortality.


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