domestic demolition

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Leviticus 14:43-47

Lev 14:43 “If the disease breaks out again in the house, after he has taken out the stones and scraped the house and plastered it,
Lev 14:44 then the priest will go and look. And if he notices that the disease has spread in the house, it is a persistent leprous disease in the house; it is contaminated.
Lev 14:45 And he will break down the house, its stones and timber and all the plaster of the house, and he will carry them out of the city to a contaminated place.
Lev 14:46 Moreover, whoever enters the house while it is shut up will be contaminated until the evening,
Lev 14:47 and whoever sleeps in the house will wash his clothes, and whoever eats in the house will wash his clothes.

domestic demolition

When the Israelites encountered a house with contamination that resisted all attempts to purge it and restore it, there would be no other recourse but to demolish it and build again. The LORD warned them that there would be such houses.

Likewise, there are some lives that are so ravaged and transformed by sinful lifestyles and addictions that a radical reconstruction will be necessary before knowing God’s peace and purity. If we do not have the courage to tear down our old house, the LORD will have to destroy us — soul and body — in Gehenna.

LORD, sanctify us by the washing of your word. If our sinful habits persist, break down every offending wall. We want to be pure habitations for your Spirit.

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